Hi, I'm Nick
I'm a Data Scientist currently based in NYC


I'm a Data Scientist at Walmart, working on building a scalable advertising inventory forecasting system to support Product, UX, Finance, and Operations teams.

Previously, I was a full-stack Data Scientist at Arthena (YC 17, acq. Masterworks 2022), a Series A startup that built technology for art investment and portfolio management. I primarily worked to improve existing models for text classification, binary sale classification, and price regression and their supporting data pipelines.

Stack: Python, pandas, scikit-learn, Tensorflow, SpaCy, Flask/FastAPI, Dagster, Docker, K8s

I graduated from The University of Chicago in 2020 with a B.S. in Computational and Applied Mathematics, and B.A. in Economics with a Specialization in Data Science.


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🔺 Text / NLP
Topic Modeling on Academic Abstracts

This project shows how matrix decomposition and the Dirichlet distribution can be useful for topic clustering of academic paper abstracts.